October 23, 2007

old archives

Just recently I was able to get some of my old 'film" media converted to digital. Here is one of my favros from the past.

Seattle Washington 2001

mrs.craig brown

farmer brock & his pumpkins

I think it must have been a while since I've worked with toddlers...and I've missed it! I've been working with several brides, photographing weddings & getting into some commercial work. I forgot how hard you had to work to get a photo with toddlers, this is where the true talent comes into play (ha)! I realized when I got home and my legs were tired! Brock had mom, dad & myself chasing him all over the place. He was having the best time, exploring and playing. Brock is so cute and has a smile that will melt your heart.

October 18, 2007

please make note!

My email address has changed to defininglife@sallyguptonphotography.net.
If you were in my address book, I sent you an email regarding the change.
Please make note, this is effective immediately. thanks!

October 14, 2007

Bailey + Dustin + Petey

Pre session planning usually consists of many sleepless nights filled with exciting visions of how I want the images to appear. Many times I scratch thoughts down in my notebook by the bed with only the small light reflecting from the hallway. The location is usually unique to the person and occasion. This particular spot was at an old farm house in Germanton where I lived as a little girl. I have many happy, free memories of this place which is now abandoned {which gives it all the more charm}. I spent an afternoon tracking down the owner of the house to get permission to be on the property. I spoke to many folks that eventually trailed me to a retirement home where the gentleman now lives. I walked the halls looking for a man I didn't know, much less a face to go with a name. We passed one another in the hall as he was leaving to go to a dr. appt. and I didn't even know it. I finally got permission from a neighbor who "thought it would be alright!" Whew!
Often as I drive and travel I always keep my eyes open for a location. Although it may not immediately have purpose, the client will eventually give it definition and clarity.

A note from client:

"We trusted you completely for a setting to record this special time in our lives. You far exceeded our expectations with these unconventional bridal portraits. The evening light on this abandoned farm was such a peaceful setting. You could feel the love all around that had once graced this homesite. Thank you SGP for searching, securing and sharing! (and the sheriff & extra security was a bonus)." TW

October 6, 2007

Sweet Sixteen

thinking back...boys.bubbles.cheerleading.chores.getting your license.talking on the phone.posters of corey haim and other teenage celebrities on the wall.crazy about tunes by new kids on the block and debbie gibson.band camp.writing notes to your girlfriends were more important than homework.school dances.all the drama:he said/she said.dressing out for PE {yuck!}...makes me giggle!

Brittany is having a sweet sixteen party this month and she wanted photos of her and her friends to hang at the party. Awesome idea! I loved the energy of their youth and friendship. Kids today are so different than what it was like to be a teen in the late eighties/early nighties! Everyone of them had a cell phone! I was lucky to have a phone privilege at home!

Happy Birthday Brittany!!

October 4, 2007


you & me are going to grow a lollipop tree

I've never met a little girl with such a vivid imagination. I heard of new fairy tales, old fairy tales, Madeline's dreams, we sang "you are my sunshine", and best of all, I learned to crawl like an armadillo up the steps.
Enjoy the photos mom!
{BTW...this family was the winner of the most recent contest I had on the blog}

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