July 16, 2008

an all american family

is what this first photo reminds me of!

and I have come to know one another through NILMDTS. An organization in which photographers donate their time to families in need. From our first phone conversation I felt a strong connection to Tammy. Overtime we have become great friends and mentors. Tammy is expecting her third child, and as a photographers she knew exactly what kind of images she wanted. I was honored that she asked me to photograph her for a maternity session. As far as my imagination goes, these couldn't have turned out more beautiful. I love the Victorian feel they have with her fair skin and tinted lips.

yoga momma

Another great part of my job is that over time clients become like family. As the family grows and their lives unfold, I am blessed to document the many celebrations. I was so excited to hear that this family was expecting a little one this fall!! Marybeth has been attending maternity classes at the Yoga Gallery and mentioned the great space and natural lighting. I love it when clients get as excited and creative as me! Thank you to Judi for allowing us the use of the space.

July 15, 2008

island in the sun

You just can't fully appreciate a vacation until you find yourself back in the real world the following day. It feels as if it was a dream, and all I can think of is how I want to go back, but this time savor every moment.

The week consisted of; a plethora of Red Stripe {hooray beer!} & Rum cocktails, native kindness, clear waters, afternoon rains, great food, naps, starfish, and the warm sun.

We stayed at the Sandals Resort in Negril, Jamaica. Can't say one bad things about it, highly recommended. As we came to know the locals, I finally managed to get a day out in the country meeting the people and experiencing the culture. Thank you Mackey for an amazing day!

Here are a few photos of the journey; the people of Jamaica, their land and new friends.

Mackey took us into his hometown of Lucea to meet his family.
{myself and a native} The children were curious about the camera, I let them each take a photo.
Pretty good considering the little guy had probably never held a camera before huh?

Tony carving a wooden Red Stripe souvenir for us in the local market.

We spent alot of time with these two crazy kids, Captain Coco and the wife who just got married. Currently living in PA, however, they are moving to High Point, NC within the month.
What a coincidence eh?

Mackey-the craziest captain (takes people out to snorkel) and one of the nicest people I have ever met. I was honored to spend the day with him walking in his footsteps through his hometown. I can't thank you enough Mackey!

Rick's Cafe and Bar is well known. One of the top 10 bars in the world and best sunset in Jamaica. Probably my favorite spot all week. Cool surroundings, fun enviroment, steel drum music and great people watching. Anyone can dive off the cliffs. I did'nt, Tim did. Highly recommend this place if your in the area!

Travel Arrangements were made by Jackie at Travel Plus, Mooresville, NC.

July 3, 2008

Happy Fourth!

Just wanted to let you all know I am heading out of the country until the 14th. I hope you all have a great 4th of July! I will be returning all phone calls & emails when I get back in the office on the 15th. Be looking forward to some great photos from my travels! Until then here are a couple of sweet fellas & amazing musicians that I did a shoot for last weekend. I am a huge supporter of this group known as Holy Ghost Tent Revival from Greensboro. They have a really unique sound, but the first thing that grabbed me was their energy on stage. A fun gig! Actually if your local this holiday I think they are playing at the Fun 4th celebration. Check them out!

sally gupton photography. copyright 2008.