August 5, 2009


Please join us over at the new blog for Sally Gupton Photography! While this blog will remain on line, it will no longer be receiving new updates. We'd love to see you over at, take a minute to bookmark the new site, subscribe to updates and keep up with all the new changes as we grow and continue to define life through photography!

One of my newer favorite images from a bridal session with Paula. Go to to see more from her session!

May 20, 2009


I am working on a new blog, which explains the lack of activity around here. Should be reveled soon! If you are waiting to see your images on the'll be on the new one!!! In the meantime, here are some images of my little guys enjoying the spring!

April 15, 2009

Sarah [bridal]

Details and amazing images from this wedding coming soon!

By the way, this shoot was done at the new studio in High Point.
Future clients~let me know if this is something your interested in.
A blank canvas...we can turn it into anything you + I can dream of!
Good for scheduled sessions when the rain decides to make an appearance too!

April 3, 2009

the sweet collection

Something new for all the expecting mommies out there! There have been several inquires/requests for a "baby plan". Here you go!

Just wanted note: April is booked, call now for May/June.
Limited availability for newborn sessions.

March 24, 2009

Sarah + Jason [wedding]

Wedding season has begun! Sarah + Jason were the first wedding of 2009!

Good Friends, as well as my second shooters, Chezley Royster and Ivan Ditscheiner, and myself all loaded up and headed to Wilmington NC for the big weekend event.

It was an amazing weekend! The locations, the details and special attention to every little thing, the guests and especially Sarah and Jason's families! Simply the best!

I get to know my couples pretty very over the course of working together leading up to the wedding. I have never seen two people be happier before! They were radiating love and happiness!

Often after seeing a venue and knowing the groom, I know exactly what I want to do for the wedding party images.
I immediately visualized a 'mafia' scene for the fellas. I ran down to a cigar shop, grabbed some cigars and there it is...just as I saw it in my mind. I love my job!!!

[hair] John Roberts Hair Design
[wedding] First Baptist Church
[reception] Thalian Hall

Colin + Amanda [engagement]

I met Colin and Amanda last year at Pete and Maria's Wilmington Wedding which I had the pleasure of photographing. Colin was the best man. As a newly engaged couple, they inquired about the possibilities of working together on their future wedding day.

I recently had the opportunity to finally visit Colin + Amanda in Raleigh while I was in town for the PPNC workshop. We met at the wedding venue to scope out the anticipated day to come later this year at the Umstead Hotel. While we were there we shot a few fun engagement images. The Umstead is an amazing place. Very calming, relaxed and organic. I am stoked about the wedding day!

I love these two! So much wisdom and insight. I could sit and talk with them all night about music, life and spirituality. Colin is actually a mortgage lender in Raleigh, Tommerson Lending, with a very unique philosophy in his business practice.

If your in need of services such as this, definitely give him a call, you won't be disappointed! Check out his website soon. I did some cool shots for his business too!

Meet Hannah [my intern]

I was checking my message one day and had a call from a young lady named Hannah from Randolph Community College, inquiring about an internship. A light bulb went off. It never occurred to me, but I was excited! Even though I can't possibly have enough hours in the day, nor stay organized long enough to get any thing done in a timely manner on my own, I was wondering if I had enough for someone else to do 40 hours a week. I have been so use to doing it all by myself for so long, I freaked at the thought that I would have enough work+knowledge to make it worth her time. I was totally willing to take on the challenge! After all, I can talk photography all day!

Once Hannah + I had an opportunity to sit and talk about her goals, weakness and strengths, I knew we both could learn from one another. She wanted to learn more about how to work + communicating with clients, as well as the business side of photography. One part of my day to day tasks that I feel really confident I could give her some insight on. One of her weaknesses, as well as mine, is posing, so we are on a mission to figure that one out together! I have learned already that she is really good with studio lighting, which is always a challenge for me. She's even taught me a few photoshop tricks!

We are 3 weeks in and it has been great having her around. She has had an opportunity to assist me on a few shoots. We have an upcoming wedding where I am really going to get to see what she's got! Thus far, I have been extremely impressed with her attitude, work ethic, and most importantly her camera work. She is a pleasure to have around, kind of like a little sister.

Our first week together we went out and did a mini photo shoot of one another.

To be honest, it is the first time I've ever had someone professionally take my photo and I actually liked it! That is huge, because I never like my own image!

Sally Gupton [image by Hannah McClure]

I had Hannah write a few lines about herself and her point of view.
She can be reached at if you have any questions for her or want to say hello.

Without further ado, meet Hannah:

Hannah's Blog

I am a student at Randolph Community College in the commercial photography program, and we’re required to complete two internships to graduate. So I was searching for someone to intern with, when I came across Sally’s website. I enjoyed her work and found it to be a whole lot better than a lot of wedding photographers I looked up in the Triad.
I was interested in getting experience with wedding photography and portraiture, etc., but not the stiff, posed photographs one might think of when they hear the word portrait. So I am excited to get this experience with someone whose pictures are fun, candid, and full of life.
I will be graduating in August, which is crazy! These two years of photo school have been frustrating, difficult, demanding … and still somehow amazing. I never thought I would learn so much. And internships are one of the biggest parts of learning! I have to say I’m not exactly sure what’s to come after graduation, but I am excited about the future and choosing which road of photography I want to go down! I’m hoping the best is yet to come!

Watch out world! I know Hannah is going to do some amazing work in the future and I am honored to have been apart of her journey!


It's been a year since I moved into my office. A very slow transformation, a huge feat but an amazing one to say the least. Many have called it calming and peaceful, few have called it an Oasis. A vision I had from the minute I stepped into the room that I am very proud to have brought to life. Living with all boys at home, I finally have a small place to call my own. A place to go everyday for work, to meet my clients and the best part...a place to call my own. A place called Sally Gupton Photography.

I believe the first set of images were taken in April of last year. Just in the last month I moved in the remainder of the furniture and can say it is very close to complete with a few details left to be filled.

It's funny to look back at the original office space with the green carpet and pin stripped walls. Thank goodness there were beautiful hard wood floors under it all.
The boys really got into it and enjoyed helping me pull wallpaper and paint.


Located at 500 W. 4th Street, downtown Winston Salem.


images + collage designed by Hannah McClure, SGP intern

February 26, 2009

Go 2009!

High School Seniors are some of my most favorite sessions! We've had a wave of them around here lately, some clients, some play [marketing campaign]. I love that they are just starting to learn who they are through self expression!

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