January 27, 2008

she's having a baby

Jessica & Bryan are the greatest; easy going, fun, and the sweetest, most kind couple! I loved how they trusted me and all my ideas, which is extremely important to a photographer. This is their first baby, which I can't wait to meet in the next couple of weeks. Will it be a girl or a boy?? Hmmmm?

January 25, 2008


my email is not being very cooperative. I'm finding that .NET goes straight to your junk box if I am not a contact (in most cases). If you email, I typically respond within a day or two, so if you don't hear from me please call me and resend your email. A suggestion as well, if you send me an email, go ahead and add me as a contact so when I reply you'll be sure to get it. You can be assured that I reply to all emails and phone calls, so if your not hearing back from me, it is as simple as I didn't get it for some reason. thanks!

January 24, 2008


I need a few high school seniors to volunteer for a session. Work will be used for some promotional pieces I have in mind to market with high schools for senior portraits. Person{s} need to be outgoing & trendy. Volunteers will receive free session and one 8x10 of choice with opportunity to earn more free credits for prints if willing to be a rep in their high school. Please email me if interested and send a photo of yourself as well. Must live in the triad and be a junior or senior. gracias!

January 15, 2008

Eleonora & Nevio come to America

This session was continued from a recent cold/rained out one. These two children had so much character. They were here from London visiting family. They were excited to explore fire hydrants, stories from Pa and celebrate an American Christmas, with curls and big eyes to die for! Little Nevio was just learning to walk, still a little shaky, but determined. How exciting that my photographs will be hanging up somewhere in London!

January 4, 2008

Happy 2008!

I'm finally coming up from air from the holidays. I'm extremely excited with all the things to come in the new year! I thought I'd share alittle detail about me and my goals for 2008.

{how i got here}

I have been a photographer for 12 years, most of that time it was a hobby. Just in the last two years it has turned into a business on it's own. I'd often do favors for family and friends and before you know it, I was getting really good at it!

In 2006 my husband and I went to CA for a small vacation and I came back with a strong desire and inspiration to really do something with my camera. And here I am going strong. I am self taught; constantly reading books on photography. meeting, talking, and working with other photographers. Going to seminars, conferences and endless days developing a relationship with my camera. It is just as it sounds, I am in love and to be good requires alot of time developing an understanding of settings, lighting, and all the different combinations.

I am currently on location only, I hope to grow into a studio by the end of the year. The perfect studio would actually be my home which would be a old historic farm house with original rustic surroundings on acres of land. A field of wild flowers, trees that speak of their age and maybe a tree swing. So when I talk my husband into finding, buying and moving into this dream I'll let you know! :)

I have a strong love for light and people (relationships, emotions, culture). I do all my own ads and design work. Everything you see was done by yours truly (unless noted).
I spent the last year building my experience and business part time and now I am very excited to be full time.

{what to expect from SGP in 2008}

Aside from babies.weddings.commercial.editorial I recently joined an organization NILMDTS with hopes to get more involved with the community and do some mission work. If you know of someone that has a child that is terminally ill, or may be born with conditions that are not compatible with life, I offer my services at no charge to these families. Special thanks to Tammy for sharing the need to give to others and helping me in my journey.

I plan a trip to South America this year to bring you another limited edition collection of photographs, much like the Cuba Collection. Eventually I have plans to travel with my galleries across the US.

I have a few projects in mind. Here is a list of some things I'd like to work on throughout the year in my spare time. Photos will be used in my portfolio as well as a published art book in mind.

.parents with tattoos (full suited body art) and their infants.
.elderly couples married 50+ years and still very much in love (you may have to volunteer your parents for this)
.tastefully nude maternity

I'm needing volunteers, so if you or someone you know may be interested please contact me.

{check out a few things currently going on}

I have a gallery at the Piedmont Club of the Cuba Collection.
Here is a clip from the newsletter that the club sent out on my work.

{travel locations & dates}

I am available for travel. As destinations unfold I'll be posting cities I will be touring if your interested in a session.

Here is the schedule so far:
Ft. Myers & Tampa FL Jan 18,19,20 2008
NYC March 1,2,3 2008


Special thanks to these photographers for helping me tremendously in 2007!
Ivan Ditscheiner
Heather Harris
Cheryl Muhr

2007 was a year of enormous personal and professional growth. I am so thankful to be here and do what I do. Thank you to all my wonderful clients in 2007. You have been apart of something so much bigger than you can imagine. Without you I wouldn't be where I am right now, so a sincere thank you. You really do have to trust a photographer and from my end, it is a very intimate relationship after I spend hours with your family. Not only taking the images, but editing and preparing them for print. I develop a unique relationship with not only you, but the images as well. I still have so much to learn and plenty of room to grow, so I look forward to what lays ahead in 2008! Happy New Year to you!

Rebecca and Tom {wedding}

sally gupton photography. copyright 2008.