March 28, 2008


Neil Van Niekerk, an amazing individual & photographer, held a workshop in Charlotte, NC recently. Within the first five minutes I was completely amazed and could have went home happy with the money I paid.

I think, like all photographers, as you gain experience and learn more about lighting, technology, equipment, even geometry -your growing in your profession. If you were to look at the beginning of this blog and scroll through the posts throughout the years, you can see how I have grown in the quality of the image.

There is alot of work behind the scenes aside from just taking the photos. What kind of work you ask? Let's see...Backing up data {again and again and again}, post processing (photoshop), uploading images to galleries, emailing/calling clients, design work for art albums & birth announcements, receiving/placing print orders, keeping up with the ever changing digital technology and continuing education, marketing, keeping up with blog posts....believe me, it never ends! That's not even all the bookkeeping & legal part that someone like me who runs a business on their own has to do.

So, my current goal is to take images that are as close to perfect straight out of the camera. It saves alot of time on the back end. I am very proud to say, all these images have not been edited, except two. And even then, I simply added some contrast on one to make it pop and vignette on the other to hide an annoying police car in the background. I have showed you the before and after.

If your a photographer and you have a chance to attend one of Neil's workshops, you won't regret it. I also think he is getting ready to publish a book soon. Keep your eyes open. Anyhow, here are some images that I took of models at the workshop with my new tricks & tips. LOVE IT!! Doesn't it have this high fashion look to it? Kind of like the stuff you see in magazines.

blair & eddie {wedding}

It's always fun to see how many people it takes to put a bride together.

Ceremony/ Reception: Magnolia Manor Colfax, NC
All images posted are by Sally Gupton
Second Photographer: Heather Harris
Blair's Bridal Portraits

bonn = ball {engagement}

Location was one of my favorite spots and fit the couple well. Josh reminds me so much of something between the Marlboro man and Grizzly Adams.
I've taken photos once before at this location, a good friend of the family owns the place. Visit Rick Landreth at this magical place called One Way Antiques & Architectural Salvage located in King NC. thanks rick + carolyn!

March 15, 2008

sweet.sweet girl

Eliza was a the best newborn...not a peep and such a shining star!

March 13, 2008

a brown valentine

This newborn arrived on valentines day!

March 12, 2008


Do you ever wonder why people come into our lives? I knew when I met her it was more than just a paying client wanting photographs. We became friends. She had a kind spirit and was straight forward about who she was, what she wanted and what she planned to do in life. She was Kenya Tillery. Kenya passed away this past week after a long battle with cancer. She was very proud to have beat and overcome it the first time, and recently it had come back in another form. She stayed positive, motivated and was more inspiring in her weakest moments then most people at their best. I'm still not sure why Kenya came into my life, I'm sure just like all things, time will tell. But I can tell you that I am a better person because of her, she will be greatly missed. The word inmeasurable was used in a tribute to Kenya during her memorial service. It's a powerful word and one that well describes not only who she was, but what she was in this life and what she will be in her next.

The last images I took of Kenya (below), she had not yet seen. I had photographed her quite a few times. Last Spring and again recently in celebration of her birthday. This particular session, she was so excited she had grown her hair back, and knowing she was getting ready to loose it again, she wanted me to take some images. I finished them for her memorial service and thought I'd share with you. In my opinion, this is when photography fullfills its destiny. We are only here for a short time, and the people you leave behind sadly start to forget. But not just how you look. I try to photograph my images in a way that give you insight into someones soul, a glance can remind you of the sound of their voice or how they smelled. More importantly, it triggers a flow of emotions and thoughts that takes you to that place where that person resides within you allowing you to remember. Please pray for Ms. Tillery (kenya's mother) and her loss as well as all others who are affected by this passing. And to Kenya, I look forward to hearing your songs in the wind.

new york.skybus

I took a recent trip to NY on the new Skybus Airline. Who can beat a $10 fare? For someone like me that simply loves to travel, it helps calm my wandering spirit and being a photographer, I can pretty much make business anywhere I go. So for anyone wondering about this new skybus, I thought I'd share the scoop. The flights are great. All new airplanes, fun.funky.young.laid back flight attendees in simple skybus screen print T-shirts. You can see where they cut the corners...on the luxuries like; TV.movies.phones.extra leg customer service phone staff and they charge you if you want to check luggage. They charge you for everything, even the water and peanuts. They have a small sky mall during the flight where you can purchase You can by air ads and they will advertise your business for a fee. Pretty smart if you ask me. And all in turn, they can sell 10 seats at $10. Let me elaborate more on the limited staff... At any airport there may be 5 skybus staff members. All in which do everything. Everything meaning; ticket counter.check/loading/unloading baggage.boarding the plane.making announcements.answering any questions.on the tarmac helping planes get in and out of the runway.shuttling the stairway to/from the plane. These people run back and forth doing it all! So if the plane is being loaded, basically there is no one at the ticket counter-visa versa. A bonus; they board in the front and the back, two entrance/exits. Things they can work on; being more friendly and accommodating with customer service. Just like all new things, it takes a while to work out the kinks. Overall, I'd give them 4 stars and will definitely use them again.

If your flying into Newburgh/Stewart Airport and want to get to the big city, here is how you do it. Once you get off your flight go out and catch the Leprechaun Bus Line to Beacon Station ($1). It leaves close to every hour. About a 20 minute ride. Once you arrive at the train station, go to the Kiosk (no employees, only a kiosk) and get a ticket to Grand Central Station. Round trip is $25. It's about a 1.5 hr. ride. Sounds tiring, but it really wasn't bad, I was in NYC before you knew it. I'd suggest picking up schedules while in the station so you can plan to catch your train back in time to make your flight.

Weekend was great in NY. I loved the buzz of the city, but was glad to get back home by day 3. Not only because of the song that surfaced from my childhood and got stuck in my head the WHOLE trip, "Ooo wah, ooo wah cool, cool kitty Tell us about the boy from New York City" but also because I really like my solitude and silence. I like being able to breathe my own air, not share it with 8 million other people and I wouldn't trade my dandelions and weeping willows for anything. Got to have multitude of vegetation! It's nice to know NYC is there though, especially if you want to shop and experience great culture.

One terrific restaurant sticks out in my mind I'd like to share about. Moustache is a middle eastern jewel. I think there are a few locations through out the city. I was with a vegetarian friend, {which I admire those who can give up those type things} so we focused on the more healthly items on the menu. It was amazing! I highly recommend it to anyone visiting. The environment is small and quaint, staff is laid back and gives you your space. Which I love! We shared quite a spread (Spinach and Chickpea Salad, Hummus, Moustache Pitza, Ouzl without the chicken) and even had some left over for breakfast the next morning (cold hummus on toast...YUM!). All with a bottle of wine for $60! The best! I guess I've chatted enough, here are some images from my weekend.

I seek out any China Town in any big city. Good Cheap Buys and great stores with herbs and teas! Not to mention the food!!

John Lennon tribute in Central Park-Strawberry Fields. John Lennon, who i adore not only for his music, but he was so passionate about the things he believed in, I admire that.

for you Jim!

Central Park in early morn.

Brooklyn Bridge at dusk.

A dog walker! He was waiting on his "colleague" to assist him. The big one in his lap reminded me of my pupper Sonoma. Big sweet ball of fur with such a great soul, you can see it in their eyes. Those kind of dogs should of been people, maybe they were....

I am so not a wildlife photographer, I kind of hesitated sharing this, but I like the skyline.

She is so classic and antique. If she could talk...

All the fake D&G bags in china town. good stuff!

sally gupton photography. copyright 2008.