January 31, 2007

jeremy & tiffany's engagement

Jeremy & Tiffany are dear friends of mine, I am extremely excited for their new lives together! Be looking for the bridal & wedding photos coming out soon!

January 23, 2007

things I want to do in my lifetime

. run a marathon
. learn tai chi
. learn to play the violin
. volunteer on a missionary trip to a third world country
. be a surrogate mother
. write a book
. learn another language with my children
. study & document an uncivilized tribe
. start an outdoor wilderness camp for single mothers & sons
. get a PhD in genetics
. come to peace with the past
. learn to play the piano
. travel the world
. spend 3 months of silence at a Buddhist monastery in Tibet
. have a photograph published in National Geographic Magazine
. hike the entire Appalachian Trail with my boys
. maintain meaningful relationships & satisfying work

January 22, 2007

taking away the moments that make up a dull day...

My favorite lyrics that begin the hit song, "Time", by Pink Floyd.

I am a Pink Floyd fan, but my husband passes me by far as a die hard. For his birthday this year I bought us tixs to see Roger Waters perform Dark Side of the Moon at the Hollywood Bowl in California. It was the perfect idea, since my aunt & her husband live in LA. We not only got to see a legend, we also got to spend quality time with some fam. The entire weekend was great. The show was amazing. The surround sound echoing through the valley, the lights, the floating pig drifting up to a full moon, and best of all, the smile on my husband's face. One thing marked off his "to do" list in life.

January 16, 2007

20 month old

I've got three words for this cutie patootie...busy, busy, busy! Throughout the entire shoot she zipped around in curiosity, not giving me very long to capture her adorable face. Here are a few of my favorites.

demands of motherhood

It's simple...it's not easy being a mom. One child is great, two is manageable, but three is just bonkers! Somedays I want more believe it or not!
Regardless how many children you have, there is simply not enough time in the day, not to mention the time for yourself. Hopefully you have a wonderful husband like I do that jumps right in on everything from dirty diapers, night time needs to household chores. The best part is where I fall short or get stressed, he picks it up and visa versa. This photo I took in a recent session reminds me of the constant tugging and neediness motherhood bares on you. Despite the stress, I would'nt trade it for the world, the journey & love is far too rewarding!

January 11, 2007

they are my christmas

Every year I make strong efforts to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas and try to remember it's about Christ and not get lost in all the wrapping paper that comes with the material facade. My oldest son found out the truth about "you know who" last year and with two new little ones I've been trying to find a new tradition that will focus more on the origins of the day's celebrations. For me, I find joy in simply being with the ones I love and watching them discover the magic of the holiday. I enjoy giving much more than receiving. Here are a few photos of my family this Christmas, although they look nothing like the Christmas season. We were actually hanging out on the beach with no shoes in 70 degree weather! I hope your holidays were filled with happiness and the new year will be blessed. Feel free to share with me some holiday traditions you have, maybe it will inspire an idea for my family!

Santa's lil' elves visit the seagulls, leaving them some christmas goodies

First time these little toes touch the sandy beaches

the parkers

This family is always full of fun & laughter. I've had a couple of sessions with them now. The best part is, dad use to be an old room mate of mine, so it was fun to hang out with his wife & son and see him being a daddy. Little Jack is one of the most easy going & photogenic children I have yet to meet. I love that combination! I've never been disappointed with the results I get from these guys!

January 10, 2007

newborn teagan

Little Miss Teagan decided to come a month early! I was delighted to get an opportunity to take her photo at just a week old. Originally her mom & I had planned to take maternity photos & have me document the birth. It all happened way to fast for all of us! She nursed almost the whole time, so these shots were taken in short intervals between meals. I loved how the small toes and hands turned out. And Teagan's big sister, Taylor, was so proud of her.

January 4, 2007

sibling relationships

Coming from a scientific background (my career in addition to being a photographer) I have always had an interest in how siblings influence one another. Considering we grow up together with the same surroundings, parents, values, & life lessons it's amazing the variation of characteristics that come from the same upbringing. Not to mention the relationship between siblings in which we learn from & teach one another. None the less, this life long relationship helps shape who we are & influences our behavior & interaction with the rest of the world. There are so many dynamics, emotions, lessons, love (& even hate from time to time). Observing my children as they interact with one another, whether it be in disagreement, nurture, or just plain silliness, gives me insight to who they are becoming. I love capturing the interaction & relationships between siblings in my photography.

my sister and i, one of my favorite photos from our childhood.

Yea, Yea... I know - the socks! (photo taken by our mother)

January 3, 2007

the love that surrounds me, my family...

Although it is a challenge being the only female in a household of boys, it has many advantages. I like to think I'm the princess and I enjoy the thought that I am their female influence. Sometimes my soft spoken voice, kind mannerisms and gentle nature is lost in all the testosterone. I have to fight for balance! Nonetheless, I am well taken care of and have four personal superheros!

I don't know how I ever got so lucky to have Tim as a husband. He is a wonderful human being, an even better father, and has a strong Christian influence on our lives.

Jake is my oldest son and he is a handful right now. He loves anything that has to do with a board and moving at fast speeds and has a very big heart. He is a terrific big brother and LOVES animals. He can't decide if he wants to be a vet one day or a professional skateboarder!

Kyler, also known as KG, is quite a character at his young age. He brings me laughter & gives me an abundance of love and has an extraordinary outlook on life.

Brady, our youngest and last child, (I say this with sadness-my husband won't let us have anymore children-probably a good thing, if it were up to me we'd have a house full!) was born on my birthday! It was the most incredible experience and the best birthday present I could ever get! His presence brings me peace. He is the youngest, but he fights for every bit of space that he feels he deserves in this busy household & family. Brady is a blessing. His first year of life he fought many medical problems. Tim says he is the tough guy in the family. Even in the worst of times, he always has a smile on his face.

And lastly, but not least, our puppers. Jackson & Sonoma remind me of how silence sometimes speaks louder than words with their unconditional love and efforts to get their attention in the grand shuffle!



sally gupton photography. copyright 2008.