August 12, 2008

August 6, 2008

defining {blessings}

Sometimes life gets so busy we naturally take advantage of simple things. Things like really feeling a hug as someone wraps their arms around you, the sound of someones voice, the dance of dust particles in a beam of sunlight, the flavor of water. Not that we all need reminders, but when I meet people like the Pollards, it reminds me how fragile & short our lives can be and it makes me want to stand tall and breathe deep, feel life.

Jeremy, Tiffany and little Stephen were in a car accident a year ago. In celebration of their lives and amazing recovery, we had a photo session. To read more about the Pollards you can find several news articles on the accident and their journey here and here. They are all doing great, they have turned this experience around making it into a ministry. And the best news yet, they are expecting a baby in September!!

Often, I have a vision in mind for a session. I know exactly what I want the images to look like, where I want to shoot and after consulting with the client I have a pretty good idea how to reflect their personalities and style in the images. I lost sleep last night because nothing came to me for this session. It's funny how things work out, because even though I didn't have a plan, God did. We ended up shooting in the field below where the accident occurred. In the background is the road. We had moved on to shoot at a location that caught my eye on the way to the session, a commercial concrete company. The last set of images we shot, with little Stephen in the concrete square, is where I realized that he was indeed with us (another thing we take advantage of). There in the back, engraved in the concrete, was a cross.

If you look closely beside Stephens head (left) you can see the cross. Feel free to click on image to enlarge.

defining {family}

August 5, 2008

Erin's Bridal

I always forget to post the bridals because I have to wait until after they get married. I don't want a groom to stumble across his beautiful bride BEFORE he sees her coming down the isle!! Images taken at one of my favorite spots, One Way Antiques in King, NC.

August 4, 2008

Caroline & Chris {Wedding}

I'm currently on the road shooting weddings. Things have been crazy busy {but in a good way}. Seems like the blog has been neglected. sorry. Here are a couple of images from a wedding I shot last night.I was second shooter for good friend Ivan.

Wedding Details:
Ceremony: Heaton Christian Church, Elk Park
Reception: Camp Yonahnoka in Linville, NC

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