October 28, 2008

Sarah+Brent [engagement]

a little abstract mixed with my love for dandies!

wedding date is April 11th!!

my absolute favorite!

October 27, 2008

Falling in Love

It has to be one of the most amazing, undescribable things to experience.

One of my favorite things about meeting and working with couples is getting to know them and learn their story. It helps me to customize their session, so I can reflect their relationship.love.life through images. April + Jeremiah met playing on the same softball team. I was so excited to find a spot called Left Field! Also, there is an images below with a brick wall that had graffiti of four cats. April had just finished telling me about her 4 furry friends they have at home. It was a fun session! I look forward to the wedding in 2009!!

October 24, 2008

natalie + cole [wedding]

just a few...back to editing!

More from Atlanta

shine taylor shine!

Life on Pop's Farm

So I'm at the point in the morning where my coffee has gotten too cold and I am overwhelmed by the amount of work ahead of me today. I'm sitting on 10 sessions to be edited and 2 weddings. Not to mention a website I've been working on for 2 years now. Thank you to all my clients for being so patient!

It's a great feeling when your work starts to attract the people that have your same vision, sense of adventure and expectations. I am happy to say most clients now fit right in with my work. Their suggestions for locations, the relationships they share with me, the trust of the images and their blessings and thankfulness in life.

There are always so many good images from a session, it's hard to pick just a few. Plus, I always wonder if I have a limit of how much I can blog on this site? One day it's going to tell me it can't accept anymore photos/text. Does anyone know? I've been thinking about upgrading the blog anyways. Anyhow, some images from a recent session on Pop's farm with a guest appearance from Radar the donkey. He followed us around the whole session.

I think the above image is going to be submitted for a gallery display at baptist hospital.

sally gupton photography. copyright 2008.