June 30, 2007

the last moments

with just my mom + me, before my new sister arrives.

June 28, 2007

antique architect

Two Feathers Trading
My walk began up the driveway that loomed with bamboo and grand arches of the past, the evening sun burned a path in front of me. As I emerged into the courtyard, it opened up into a wide open space that was filled with old barns bordered with rod iron, bins of old doorknobs, chains & light fixtures, aged doors, windows, and a graveyard of ivory bathtubs with legs, sinks and rusted metal stoves. The collective assortment is a photographers dream.
My children call him the rock man, he is quite the resourceful and very knowledgeable gentleman on the remains of the past, not to mention a good friend of the family.
Currently, his best collection involves treasures from the Southwestern American Indians. A showcase of baskets, pottery, ladles, blankets, & jewlery just to mention a few.
For thirty years Rick has been an antique collector. Located in King NC, he travels as far as the northern states to gather these unique collectibles. You never know what you'll come across, it changes like the wind. But to walk among these things and find treasures that speak to you is truly amazing, not to mention the energy from the past that spills out and flows together creating a combination of different eras, history & cultures.
Not only does Rick have these items for sale & trade, but he also has art shows and rents the venue for events, such as small weddings and parties. Whether your in the market for these type things, remodeling a historical home, a collector, seller, or just curious, it is well worth checking out!

Rick @ Two Feathers Trading
King, North Carolina

Here are a few of my favorite shots.

SGP coming to Wilmington, NC!

A very special little girl named Rhys will be turning one on August 4th and I will be documenting her 365th day of life, so just to let you know- I will be in Wilmington NC August 3-5, 2007 if interested in booking a session in the Hanover area, please contact me.

June 25, 2007

URL blues

There have been a few very frustrating set backs on the website, but were happily back on track. I apologize for the tease, but I assure you it will be well worth the wait! Thank you for your patience and all your support and wonderful comments! I look forward to the web release and the official GRAND OPENING of Sally Gupton Photography! Be looking for specials, coupons and other cool stuff! It has already been so much fun, I look forward to years and years of more fun photographing your families and weddings!

June 23, 2007

Little Luke & parents

The Mosers met me on Bald Head while I was on vacation for a fun.quick session. yea.yea, I know, I ended up working...but how can I resist such a cutie patootie like little Luke? I've known the parents for years, but this is the first time I've met Luke, and I'm such a sucker for dimples...

June 19, 2007

win a free session!

OK moms, get out your camera and get ta snapping! I want to see what you can do. I hear it all the time...how do you get such great photos? I wish I could take photos like that! Well it takes practice, practice, practice, so I'm putting you on assignment and I want to see whatch ya got!

Submit one photo to me of your child doing something adorably cute. I was actually watching my 18 month old brushing his teeth and thinking just how dang cute he was when I had this idea, so anything goes! I'll simply be looking for creativity and fun, and I would say the cutest kid but that would'nt be fair because their all cute to me!

Please send all entries to my email, with the subject line "CAPTURE".
Entries will be accepted until July 27th
Winner will be announced on July 30th.
Winner receives a free photo session ($150 value)

One Rule: You must live in triad area to participate.

Have fun and I look forward to all the fun photos!

June 8, 2007


After a year of planning, and a week that has been painfully dragging by despite being a busy bee, the time has come! Tomorrow we leave for the beach! Not that the beach is that big of a deal, but two of my most favorite people will be there!! My two best friends live very far away. One in Jackson Hole WY and the other in Tampa FL. We (all six adults + six kids) are getting together for a week on Bald Head Island! Nothing but good friend & family time, sitting on the beach, sipping cocktails & eating good food! The best thing about Bald Head is there is nothing to do really but relax. It's an island, which you have to take a ferry too, and no cars are allowed, only golf carts. The kids can run & play and do what they please and there are no worries about their safety. I look forward to doing nothing. It's sad that I have to be put on a private island in order to stop. My husband & I made a deal there would be no business, emails or phone calls.

SO, to my clients- i will be checking voicemail periodically, if you really need me leave a message and I will gladly call you back, but other than that, I will return all phone calls and emails when I return (Monday June 18th). I actually drive back on Saturday morning right into a church parking lot to take pictures at the Mullis Wedding!

And just when you think your day can't get any better, you run into an awesomely talented artist. I just ran into Keet's stuff and I am so excited. Click here to see for yourself! Apparently, she does children's portraits with graphic illustrations, which give it this really cool, contemporary, fun twist. Here is a sample I ran across...

art by Keet Leibowitz, www.relentlesstoil.com

Very unique! I wanted to share her work with you to not only promote her, but I'm hoping I can talk her into doing a fun logo for me! My website is almost done and I'm still with out a logo! Which brings up another thought...a contest! I think it's almost time for another one, winner gets a free session! I'm going to think of something while on vacation, so be looking for the outcome when I return on the 18th!

Hello Summer!!

June 7, 2007

Meet the Parker Pups!

These boys were so much fun! A bit of a challenge to photograph, but I love a good challenge.

June 6, 2007


There is much fullfillment in what I do, and I have to say all families have something unique & special, leaving me with after thoughts about who they are from what I see through the lens. This family truly reflected love. In every action, and the time not only spent with them, but the time they spent together said love. I hate turning on the news everyday and hear about how people are treating one another, so it is very rewarding to spend time with my families and see the way humanity really should be. God Bless you all!

sally gupton photography. copyright 2008.