June 11, 2008

Carson {newborn}

There is no better way to start my day than by getting a message on my phone first thing in the morning from a new mom and getting to spend the day documenting a family goofy in love with their new baby. These moments are what I live for, and to be able to give them back to a family again and again makes my job the best in the world. From the excitement that baby shares mom's beautiful red hair to the tunes dad and big brother play for their new buddy, This defines life...

June 5, 2008


this handsome guy is one of mine. I never take photos of my own children, so I was very excited when Jake suggested we take him out for a fun shoot. As you can tell, his two favorite things are skateboarding and guitar. Oh yea, and the Mellow Mushroom!

June 4, 2008

The Prichards

A big.happy.blessed family and it all started with two crazy kids named Jim + Sonja!
What a great feeling it must be ~ I look forward to seeing my family grow like this one day.

sally gupton photography. copyright 2008.