April 11, 2008

Jones {wedding}

Each wedding is unique in itself. From the locations and details, to the people who make up the wedding party and the family. There is so much depth to the couples and the day that surrounds them. All wedding vendors (flowers,directors,cake,catering) work extremely hard to make a statement on behalf of the couple, but the photographer is the only one who really does the job that lasts {forever}. I always feel extremely blessed to not only have the honor of being chosen to tell a couples story, but to have the job of documenting the day for the couple as the only memory that they'll have. Any one who has gotten married can tell you it's a blur. It goes by extremely fast. So choosing your photographer is almost the most important decision (aside from who you marry) that you make on your wedding day. It only happens once between two individuals in a small amount of time within the universe. How do you want yours to be documented and remembered?

Andy & Amy are an amazing couple. I am lucky enough to know them through church, so there was a bit more emotional attachment for me to photograph this couple, in my home church, with our mutual pastor, Dan. I enjoyed getting to know their families, learning more about who they are and best of all...watching that firecracker Cheyenne (couples daughter) bring the party alive. No joking, she had every man at the reception up and dancing with her at some point throughout the evening. She is so alive and full of personality. The Jones family are blessed to have one another, they make a great threesome and bring out the best in one another.

The sweetest part of the whole evening; As we walked back to the limo after taking some photos I heard Cheyenne whisper to Andy, "can i call you dad now"?

The funniest part; the maid of honor dropping her sash into the toilet!

Ceremony: Parkway Presbyterian
Officiant: Rev. Dan Wilkers
Reception: Tanglewood Park at the barn Clemmons, NC
Flowers: Shanna Stoter
Music: First Call DJ
Catering: Little Richards BBQ
All images posted are by Sally Gupton
Second Photographer: Grant Blair, Idlewild Photography

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