March 24, 2009

Sarah + Jason [wedding]

Wedding season has begun! Sarah + Jason were the first wedding of 2009!

Good Friends, as well as my second shooters, Chezley Royster and Ivan Ditscheiner, and myself all loaded up and headed to Wilmington NC for the big weekend event.

It was an amazing weekend! The locations, the details and special attention to every little thing, the guests and especially Sarah and Jason's families! Simply the best!

I get to know my couples pretty very over the course of working together leading up to the wedding. I have never seen two people be happier before! They were radiating love and happiness!

Often after seeing a venue and knowing the groom, I know exactly what I want to do for the wedding party images.
I immediately visualized a 'mafia' scene for the fellas. I ran down to a cigar shop, grabbed some cigars and there it is...just as I saw it in my mind. I love my job!!!

[hair] John Roberts Hair Design
[wedding] First Baptist Church
[reception] Thalian Hall


Sa Smith said...

These are absolutely incredible! We are SOO blessed that we had you and Chezley and Ivan shooting such an amazing day. These are going to be pictures that we are going to show off for the rest of our lives!

Michelle M said...


You did such an amazing job (just like everyone knew you would). These pictures have turned out so great and your creativity is unbelievable :-)

anita said...

These are amazing pics. I can't wait to see more of the happy
and unforgettable day. Sarah & Jason were so beautiful that day and the photo's make them even more.
You are truly great and creativy
in taking your photo's.
Anita - mom of the groom

paula said...

I am loving those theater shots!

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