March 24, 2009


It's been a year since I moved into my office. A very slow transformation, a huge feat but an amazing one to say the least. Many have called it calming and peaceful, few have called it an Oasis. A vision I had from the minute I stepped into the room that I am very proud to have brought to life. Living with all boys at home, I finally have a small place to call my own. A place to go everyday for work, to meet my clients and the best part...a place to call my own. A place called Sally Gupton Photography.

I believe the first set of images were taken in April of last year. Just in the last month I moved in the remainder of the furniture and can say it is very close to complete with a few details left to be filled.

It's funny to look back at the original office space with the green carpet and pin stripped walls. Thank goodness there were beautiful hard wood floors under it all.
The boys really got into it and enjoyed helping me pull wallpaper and paint.


Located at 500 W. 4th Street, downtown Winston Salem.


images + collage designed by Hannah McClure, SGP intern

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Sa Smith said...

It is such an incredible room and space. I can't imagine how good it feels to be able to spend time there every day!

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